Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started


The National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) has created the Information for Growth (IFG) program that supports both child/youth and adult Catholic faith formation.

IFG ACRE (Assessment of Child/Youth Religious Education) is a tool to help Catholic schools and parishes assess how well their religious education programs are forming committed Christian disciples.

IFG Adult Survey is a tool designed to assess and identify on-going formation needs for adults. These tools can be administered completely online (recommended for fastest results) or offline based on the needs of the organization.
In 2018, Catholic Faith Technologies (CFT) was selected as NCEA’s technology partner for the administration of all IFG Adult Survey and IFG ACRE programs. CFT is the client interface for ordering, assigning, grading, reporting, and support for all IFG programs.

CFT is also the platform for the popular Catholic Learning Management System, For more information, visit

Getting Started

We encourage leaders in dioceses, schools, parishes to view a demonstration of both IFG Adult Survey and IFG ACRE. Click on the Product Overview tab above and select Learn More to demo both IFG online assessments.
To help you plan implementation of the IFG Adult Survey and/or ACRE programs in your schools and parishes, we may need to know more about your diocese specific needs. To learn more about diocesan planning, click here.
Whether you're ordering online or paper/pencil IFG Adult Survey and ACRE assessments, the first step is to create your login for the site. You'll need your login to order any materials, access support pages, and view reports. See below for more information on establishing an account and completing an order.

If you are ordering for multiple parishes and/or school programs, please call CFT before starting the process. 1-800-707-NCEA (6232).

Administering the Assessments Online

Administering the assessment online is the easiest method, yielding the fastest results. After an order for an online assessment is placed, the purchaser will be emailed instructions and class codes to administer the assessment. When an online class has been closed for grading the reporting contact will be notified as soon as reports are ready to view online.
You can register a proctor for your online assessment to make administering it even easier. Instructions for registering a proctor are emailed after completing an order for an online assessment. Once registered, proctors can view student progress, generate login codes, and close classes for grading when testing is complete. For further proctoring instructions, click here.

Administering the Assessments Offline

Yes, you can purchase answer sheets and test booklets from the online store. Offline materials will be sent to your organization by CFT. When the answer sheets are returned, they are scored, and results can be viewed online.

Registering / Ordering / Purchasing

All materials can be ordered through our online store. To access the store, please log into your NCEA account. Click here to find step-by-step instructions. (If you don’t have an established account, you can register for one by selecting the "Register Now" button.)
We ask that anyone ordering for multiple organizations, please call us directly at 1-800-707-NCEA (6232).
Payment can be made using a credit card or by purchase order. These options are presented at checkout from the store.
New answer sheets are available for those administering the offline assessments. These answer sheets are NOT unique to each level, so the same answer sheet is used for all levels.

*All previous answer sheets are invalid as of July 1st, 2019.
Yes, the test booklets marked "2013 Edition" are valid:

Level 1 – Form 13
Level 2 – Form 23
Level 3 – Form 33
Submit your answer sheets in the pre-addressed envelope provided with your test materials.

You'll no longer need a separate header/cover sheet. The envelopes are pre-printed with the required information. Please fill your envelope out entirely before submitting for scoring. Incomplete envelope information can delay reporting.

If you did not receive an envelope with your materials order or need to ship additional sets of answer sheets, click here to download a copy of the envelope form.


Aggregated reports are provided per level and per class, for both the IFG Adult Survey and ACRE assessments.

Individual results are available for the IFG Adult Survey, and new in 2019, individual IFG ACRE reports are also available for an additional fee.
All reporting is now available online. When reports are available, an email will be sent to designated NCEA user accounts.

If you’re not sure who has access to your reports, call the CFT help desk at 1-800-707-NCEA (6232) and we’ll get you that information. Click here to learn more.
After reviewing your data to identify strengths and weaknesses, the IFG Adult Survey can be used for professional development. This includes course recommendations starting at $5 per user.

In the future, this course recommendation capability will also be available for IFG ACRE students.
We are happy to answer your questions. Simply email us at or give us a call during regular business hours (Central Standard Time) at 1-800-707-NCEA (6232).